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Secret Garden

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Secret Garden

The Vanuatu open air Natural History Museum

Carefully organised among banyan trees and other species of trees, some well-documented signs tell the story of how the New Hebrides become Vanuatu.

Fauna, flora and various styles of habitat are present in the garden. You will be able to touch an iguana and learn more about flying foxes.

From time to time, you will find some funny signs for young children to enjoy.

The guided tour ends with the traditional dancing place and tropical fruits tasting.

Get your swimsuits as there is a small swimming-pool.

Located at 20 mn from Les Cottages de Bellevue, between Hideaway island and Mele waterfalls !

Iguane du Vanuatu


Case mélanésienne secret garden


Iguane du Vanuatu


Big Nambas 1920




Big Nambas 1930