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North...and the South; Big and Smol Nambas; large farm properties and canoe people; the harvest celebrations and some special funeral rites; Malekula, still unknown, is full of promises.

This island has just come to realize what it can offer to tourists willing to explore real Vanuatu and is now ready to welcome travellers for some days of a complete and unforgettable break.

All the ingredients are there for a stay to remember from somptuous sceneries to meeting with "men & women Malekula" who are glad to share their history and customs.

A walk into a Nasara with a good guide represents a true moment of emotion which cannot be told.

Malekula opens its arms to you but you will have to come more than one time.



Vers Lasinoue


Mallicolo, Vanuatu


Tambours dans un nasara îlot Wala


Preparation fire


Child by the river


Cuisine au bambou, Mallicolo


Danseurs décorés small nambas


Homme small nambas Rano