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Vanuatu, the Sea and the Fire

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14 May 2018

We were pleased to welcome Aurore Asso and the documentary team of "Vanuatu, the Sea and the Fire." For information on the French documentary, please visit

Previous visits to Les Cottages de Bellevue Ecolodge:

- Richard Martin-Jordan's team for the filming of the humorous documentary "The Cannibals of the Pacific" (2013)

- The sympathetic duo Dominique Lecuivre and Noëlie Pansiot for a very beautiful part of the series 'The Sentinel Islands' with the documentary "Vanuatu, in the country of kastom" (2014)

- Volcano hunters in Vanuatu with their little bit of madness: Bertrand, Valentin and Vincent passing through the Chalets, back-to-back, between Yasur and Ambrym (2015)

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